When Disaster Strikes, JRC is there!

At JRC, we have the capacity to respond efficiently to commercial and industrial large loss facility claims that arise as a result of natural or  man-made disasters. The keystones of our process are the ability to minimize business interruptions and provide lasting solutions for each claim.


Notification of potential disaster event through Radar Swath Mapping Technology

Survey facility to determine if damage warrants a claim

Provide comprehensive scope of repairs for potential claim

Collaborate with adjusters, consultants, engineers and all other relevant personnel

Provide nationally competitive pricing for the specified repairs

Negotiate any pricing or scope discrepancies with the adjuster/consultant

Once approved, provide high quality, lasting repairs to satisfy claim requirements and surpass client expectations

Provide industry leading workmanship and manufacturers’ warranties

Interactive Hail Tracking:


JRC utilizes Hail Trace Software to the benefit of our clients. We are able to actively monitor all of the properties and inform the customer of possible hail damage. Hail Trace is a weather consulting company that excels in weather forensics. We have a team of 4 meteorology experts that analyze every hail storm across the country then develop hail maps for each storm showing the size of hail, duration of hail, number of homes impacted, and wind speed and direction.

Leading Edge Dual-Pol Radar Technology
We use the latest in radar technology allowing us to accurately depict the hail size in any storm. This includes small hail storms, large hail storms, & high volume hail storms.

Years of Meteorology Experience
Our in-house meteorologists use a multi-step process to determine what areas have the highest potential for hail storm damage.