Disaster Events: Natural or Man-Made...We can help!

At JRC, we have the capacity to respond efficiently to commercial and industrial large loss facility claims that arise as a result of natural or man-made disasters. The keystones of our process are the ability to minimize business interruptions and provide lasting solutions for each claim.






Our Programs

Interactive Hail Tracking:

Our Solution!

  • Notification of potential disaster event through Radar Swath Mapping Technology
  • Survey facility to determine if damage warrants a claim
  • Provide comprehensive scope of repairs for potential claim
  • Collaborate with adjusters, consultants, engineers and all other relevant personnel
  • Provide nationally competitive pricing for the specified repairs
  • Negotiate any pricing or scope discrepancies with the adjuster/consultant
  • Once approved, provide high quality, lasting repairs to satisfy claim requirements and surpass client expectations
  • Provide industry leading workmanship and manufacturers’ warranties