General Contractor – The Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

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General Contractor – The Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Roofing Company & General Contractor on Modular Homes


A modular home is very unique to standard homes that are built onsite. Modular homes are built indoors–in the manufacturer’s factory–and then transported to its desired destination, and assembled. These homes are not placed on permanent foundations like standard houses since they are built to be moved from one location to the next–very similar to a mobile home. Though they are unique, they aren’t for everyone. So, if you are considering purchasing a modular home, read through the below pros and cons and see if modular homes are right for you.

General Contractor on The Pros

  1. Faster to Construct: Since modular homes have a pretty specific building method, they are quite easy for a general contractor to construct at a fast pace. In most cases, modular homes only take days, rather than months, for a general contractor to successfully put together.
  2. Costs Less: Due to its assembly line efficiency, modular homes are a fraction of a price to build. Normal construction sites will cost about 150-250 dollar per square foot, but luckily, modular homes range about 15% cheaper. Modular homes also offer a variety of financing options, as well. All financing plans normally go through the manufacturer the supplies are coming from.
  3. Greater Mobility: Like all homes, modulars are built to stay in one spot; however, due to the way they are designed, they are quite easy to take apart and move to wherever they need to go.

General Contractor on The Cons

  1. Hard to Customize: Generally, modular homes are made to look structurally similar to one other. They are difficult to customize, but it’s not impossible. So, if you are someone who dares to be different, modular homes just might be for you; however, if stylistically you like to stand apart from the rest, then maybe modular homes isn’t the right fit for you.
  2. Cost of Land/Land Restrictions: Even though modular homes cost much less than a standard home, what most people don’t realize is that you still have to purchase the land in which your home will reside on. Also, keep in mind the costs of installing a septic system in if the area you are planning to build a modular home on does not have a sewage system nearby. Additionally, make sure to do ample research on land restrictions in the area you are looking to build a modular home on; some neighborhoods do not allow modular homes. Such information can be found in documents called restrictive covenants.
  3. Selling Problems: Although modular homes are manufactured from high-quality, reputable companies, if the time comes where you need to sell your home, you will find that very many people will be reluctant to purchase it from you. You have to remember, modular homes are unique in their own way, but not a lot of people want to live in that style of home.

Just like any standard home, there are many pros and cons to owning a modular home. Make sure a modular home would be the right fit for your before you decide to invest in one. Please contact JRC Construction, a Nationwide roofing company, for more information regarding general contractors, commercial roofing, exterior renovations and interior renovations.

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