The Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Construction Management Apps

Apps for a roofing company, roofing contractor, general contractor, commercial roofing contractors and a storm damage contractor.

The Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Construction Management Apps

Looking to manage your roofing company or construction company more effectively and efficiently?


Check out the top 3 mobile apps for construction management that roofing contractors, commercial roofing contractors, storm damage contractors and general contractors from all over are raving about, and see if they can work for you and your roofing company.


Aconex – This app is pretty cool and offers a lot to the general contractor

It also has not one, but three different mobile construction management apps: Aconex Mobile, Aconex Field, and Aconex Handover. Aconex is mostly popular amongst construction corporations or a nationwide roofing company.

  • Aconex Mobile: Compatible with both iPhone and Android, this app is mainly for sharing a variety of plans and documents. It also is useful for computing onsite date, and making edits and notes on images. Additionally, Aconex Mobile can be used to organize construction bids, RFIs, and necessary permits.
  • Aconex Field: Also compatible with iPhone and Android, this app is useful in speeding up any field inspections that are needed.
  • Aconex Handover: Not only does this app work on iPhones and Androids, but it is compatible on any Windows 8 devices as well. Aconex Handover is mainly used for onsite updates of the different manuals of operations.


BuilderStorm – BuilderStorm is very versatile and allows the construction worker and general contractor the ability to do the following:

  • Manage construction schedules
  • Send and receive project updates
  • Access and file drawing in the cloud
  • Create reports
  • Track project/construction RFIs
  • BuilderStorm can be used on both desktop and on smartphones

Amongst the list above, BuilderStorm works well for many different types of construction companies.


BuilderTREND – an awesome construction management app that allows a roofing company to complete the following:

  • Manage the presales processes
  • Access customer account
  • Keep an eye on project management applications
  • Use top grade financial tools
  • Access financial data

It’s common knowledge that in order for a construction job to be completed on time and with efficiency, all project managers, roofing contractors and general contractors need to be onsite at all times to oversee the projects. However, in the event they can not make it to the site due to other obligations, these mobile apps allow them to monitor and manage the project while on the go; still allowing for a smoothing construction process.

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