Are Drones Changing the World of Construction?

A drone, a general contractor and commercial roofing contractors use drones to see roofing, roofing repair, exterior renovations, hail mapping and more.

Are Drones Changing the World of Construction?

Whether it be commercial roofing contractors, an exterior contractor or a general contractor, the construction community is using drones to view exterior renovations, roofing repair and more

From its creation, Drones, aka unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been used for many different purposes. Whether for Government official business, recreational use, or even for different industry uses (roofing, roofing repair, exterior renovations, construction, surveying, hail mapping, etc.), Drones are highly advanced pieces of technology that are upping the world of productivity.

Commercial Roofing & Drones

With their vast versatility, Drones are being used more and more within the construction community. It’s most apparent use is for capturing images from high up. The general contractor, exterior contractor and commercial roofing contractors like to use Drones or UAVs for their ability to take aerial-view shots of the construction site in order to make sure any commercial roofing or exterior renovations that are being implemented are well-monitored and are progressing well. We are even finding that more and more real estate agencies are using Drones to capture large-scale property shots for potential buyers to view on listing. Though Drones are widely known for their impeccable photography ability, most are unaware that Drones can also serve as 3D and thermal scanner and sensors; this serves quite well for surveying jobs as well.

Quite often, before construction workers can come in and start building, land surveyors will carefully examine the land before giving the ‘go-ahead’ on breaking ground. Recently with the breakthrough of Drones and UAVs, more and more surveyors are using these tools to get their job done at a quicker and more efficient rate. Depending on the make and model, many Drones carry the ability to see below the surface. Many Drones are equipped with thermal and multispectral cameras that give surveyors a whole different perspective on the land they are standing on. Aside from the unique camera attachments, Drones can be issued with sensors that are beneficial in recording sound, radiation, pressure, light intensity, gas vapor, and much more. Did we mention their speed? The speed that Drones produce is unparalleled to what any man can accomplish on foot–which is why surveyors and construction workers love to use them as much as possible.

A general contractor or any overseer of a construction project tend to use Drones for their phenomenal imagery ability.

Workers will fly Drones throughout the day in order to monitor the progress of a project–from small to larger commercial roofing or exterior renovation projects. Sometimes, commercial roofing contractors or construction workers will even have the ability to use the gathered images, overlay them, and further compare them to the original blueprints.

So it seems that Drones have really made a positive impact on the world of construction by assisting in monitoring the progress made throughout the project, as well as its capabilities of surveying the land before the commencement of construction.

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