Safety Precautions for a General Contractor to Take When Working in Hot Weather Conditions

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Safety Precautions for a General Contractor to Take When Working in Hot Weather Conditions

Regardless of whether you are a general contractor that works in a state that experiences hot weather all year round, or a roofing contractor that encounters heat as the seasons change, it is so important to implement proper heat safety precautions while doing new roofing, roofing repair or exterior renovations on site.

In many states, it is a regulation for employers to supply ample shade and water as the thermometer rises above to 80-degree mark. And when the temperature is in the 90’s, there needs to be an emergency plan in place to avoid heat exhaustion. Commercial roofing contractors working hard all day doing roofing work can be exhausting enough as it is, but adding heat surges into the mix is when it can become deadly.

Here are few things for a general contractor to keep in mind when working out in the heat:


All people working outside need to drink ample water, not just a roofing contractor or a general contrtactor. Drinking ample amounts of water throughout your work day is one of the most important things you can do to avoid heat exhaustion. In times of heat, your body works extra hard to keep cool–through sweating. When you sweat, your body is losing water, which is why it is so important to keep yourself hydrated in order to replenish any water lost from sweating. You should aim to drink a quart of water per hour.

Rest in Shade

Taking breaks is very necessary for an exterior contractor, general contractor or a roofing contractor working in high heat; shaded areas are equally as crucial. If it means that you have to bring a beach umbrella with you to stand under from time to time, do it. Your body needs periodical breaks from the sun in order to recuperate. You’ll be more productive with rest and less productive if overheated.

Emergency plan

In the event you or a coworker is showing signs of heat exhaustion, make sure you or the commercial roofing company you work for has an emergency plan in action.

Recognizing Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is no laughing matter and needs to be treated carefully. Know the signs of heat exhaustion so you are able to get yourself or your coworker the help that is needed. Some symptoms include nausea, fainting, vomiting, headache, profuse sweating, impaired senses, and inability to concentrate. The best plan of action is to get yourself or a coworker in the shade, apply ice packs on pressure points, and if necessary, call 911.

When the heat climbs up, make sure you implement the proper precautions in order to keep yourself healthy and safe.

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